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  • Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaned to Your Satisfaction or it's FREE!

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    by March 9, 2018

    Spring Cleaning Headaches

    For creatures you cannot even see, Dust Mites can stir up a lot of trouble. Dust mite allergens are a common trigger of allergy and asthma symptoms. These microscopic creatures str ...

    by March 9, 2018

    Types of Carpet

    Textured plush This is usually one of the more common types of carpet. It is cut so all the lengths of yarn in the carpet are the same. This is one of the most widely used carpets ...

    by March 9, 2018

    Types of Oriental & Area Rugs

    Before purchasing your next oriental or area rug, you might consider what type of material the rug is made of! There are two groups of rug materials: Natural: Animal or plant fiber ...

    by March 9, 2018

    The Benefits of Carpet in Your Home

    Provides Warmth and Comfort While most people notice the warmth of carpet beneath their feet, you may be surprised to learn that carpet actually has a greater benefit when it comes ...

    by March 9, 2018

    Questions To Ask A Carpet Cleaner Before Scheduling

    Knowing what questions to ask can save you time, money, and headaches. According to Angie’s List these are the 5 most important questions to ask a carpet cleaning company before ...

    by March 9, 2018

    Carpet Protection: It Really Does Work

    The average carpet is replaced every twelve years, even though it begins to show signs of poor care after only three to five years. The carpet industry refers to this as “Uglying ...

    by March 3, 2018

    Question & Answer With Our Rug Cleaning Specialist

    Recently we sat down with one of Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Germantown’s Rug Cleaning Specialist and asked him a few questions. See what he had to say! Q. Oriental-style r ...

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