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  • Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaned to Your Satisfaction.

  • Carpet Cleaning Services in Eads, TN

    For homeowners looking for professional carpet cleaning services in Eads, Tennessee, Safe-Dry® has been the best choice for over three decades and counting.

    Our team specializes in providing your home with all-natural, chemical-free carpet cleaning that not only gets the job done effectively, but is also sustainable for our shared environment.

    The Safe-Dry® Difference

    What truly sets us apart from other carpet cleaning companies in the Eads area is our soap- and detergent-free cleaning experience. This SAFE and DRY process is not only effective at removing stains, odors, and harmful pathogens for good, it’s also faster than our competitors – most of our carpet cleaning is dry within an hour of cleaning. This means more time and freedom to enjoy the comforts of your home, not waiting for unnecessary moisture to slowly dissipate.

    Last but certainly not least, customer service is top-priority with Safe-Dry®. We believe your time is valuable, so we provide:

    When you need your carpets, rugs, and upholstery cleaned, Safe-Dry® is the right choice for every Eads home, big and small.

    Affordable carpet cleaning, never any hidden charges – that’s the Safe-Dry® difference.

    Our Carpet Cleaning Services in Eads

    Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Eads, TN offers the following our cleaning services include:

    • Industry-Leading Low-Moisture Cleaning Process
    • Comprehensive Pet Odor Removal
    • Professional & Friendly Technicians
    • Rug Cleaning & Upholstery Service
    • Sanitization Services for Allergens
    • 60-Minute Dry Time
    • Exact Appointment Times
    • And much more!

    Why Should I Choose Safe-Dry® as My Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Provider?

    Despite your best efforts, a carpet can become dull and full of harmful debris and pollutants. Regular vacuuming, spot treatments, and limiting dirt in your home are good habits to keep your home – however it is simply not enough to keep your home in good condition.

    In short, cleaning your home requires professional carpet cleaning with top-of-the-line equipment and time-tested cleaning methods.

    To shed some light on why you should rely on the professional carpet cleaning services from Safe-Dry®, let’s take a look at what benefits you can experience when Eads residents partner with us!

    Spruce Up the Look of Your Home

    Your home is a source of pride, so regular professional carpet cleaning is a must to keep the inside looking as attractive as possible. Professional carpet cleaning from Safe-Dry® removes packed in dirt, allergens, and off-putting stains that take away from the overall quality and enjoyment of your entire Eads home.

    Using only specially-formulated products and experts methods derived from decades of servicing customers, our team of technicians will restore your home’s original look, removing even the most stubborn of stains and dark patches.

    Impress your guests with a professional carpet cleaning from Safe-Dry® that makes these spaces look, smell, and feel brand-new. And if you’re looking to sell your home in today’s hot real estate market, you’ll increase the value and “wow” buyers with an inviting interior.

    Save Valuable Time and Effort

    Eads residents are busier than ever. Whether it’s enjoying a vacation or working to support your family, your time is valuable. And let’s be honest, DIY carpet cleaning can be downright exhausting. When it comes to moving furniture, filling the water tank of the steamer, actually steaming the carpet, and finally waiting for your carpets to dry, the time and energy lost adds up.

    Instead of losing valuable time and energy, rely on the affordable carpet cleaning service professionals that do this day-in and day-out: Safe-Dry®. By hiring the professional carpet cleaners at Safe-Dry®, your Eads home is completely transformed in only a few hours (including a brief drying time) to provide months of worry-free enjoyment.

    Significantly Extend the Lifespan of Your Carpeted Surfaces

    Carpets are meant to be used – but just how long do they last. Most experts agree that carpets last 5 – 15 years depending on how much care and maintenance you put into them. As a high-traffic area in your home, carpets build up dirt that becomes ingrained in the carpet fibers which, over time, splits the individual carpet fibers splitting permanently. The result? A prematurely ruined look and feel of your carpet.

    Instead of paying for a replacement, regular professional cleaning from Safe-Dry® digs deep to maintain your carpet’s integrity and stand up against regular use. Enjoy saving time and money by extending your carpet’s lifespan. Leave the carpet cleaning to the experts at Safe-Dry® to preserve the value and enjoyment of your home in Eads.

    Improve the Overall Health of Your Household

    You can blame gravity, but carpets are magnets for dirt. With plenty of foot traffic or pathogens settling in the air, carpets take in tons of harmful matter – such as dust mites, bacteria, mold spores, lead, allergens, and more.

    Unfortunately, this harmful matter is directly linked to your home’s air-quality and can lead to respiratory problems, allergic reactions, and other negative health issues.. And for those who already suffer from breathing issues like asthma, COPD, and seasonal allergies, the matter can be constantly recirculated, creating chronic conditions that just won’t go away…

    That’s why your home will greatly benefit from the professional carpet cleaning from Safe-Dry® of Eads. Safe-Dry® offers complete sanitization and removal of harmful buildup to create a healthier environment for your home. After a cleaning, you’ll breathe in the difference that comes with a more sanitary living environment.

    Prevents Cross-Contamination

    For many homeowners, purchasing professional carpet cleaning simply is too expensive for how often you intend to clean. Even for those who take pride in some maintaining their home, using rented equipment at the supermarket is not a good idea.

    Renting a steam cleaner might seem like a way to save some money, but the truth is that there’s a good chance that you’ll be introducing new microbes into your home. Remember, not everyone cleans their home the same, and these living situations can infiltrate your home, creating a terrible situation that ends up being less clean than when you started. This is especially true for pests like bed bugs and fleas, which may hatch in your home.

    Safe-Dry® technicians thoroughly clean equipment to ensure that there’s NEVER any cross-contamination between jobs. And because our cleaning processes are nearly 100% effective at removing contaminants, you can rest easy knowing that your home is clean and just the way it should be.

    More Than Just Carpets

    Your home’s living environment may feature expansive carpeted surfaces, but chances are that your furniture and rugs have just as much dirt as your carpets. For allergy sufferers or those with lingering pet odors (yuck!), this is a must to ensure a comprehensive clean that doesn’t simply mask the problem.

    That’s why Safe-Dry® offers a wide array of carpet cleaning surface. For example, if you’re furniture could use a refresher, our technicians can work on your furniture AND your carpets to fully restore your home. Or, maybe your carpets need a deep cleaning – we do that onsite or offsite depending on your needs.

    100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If you’re not satisfied, we’re not satisfied.

    At Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning of Eads, we pride ourselves on using only the safest and healthiest cleaning products on the market. We are so confident that you will love the results, that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Come experience the Safe-Dry® difference today and see what it means to LIVE CLEANER!

    All-Natural Carpet Cleaning in Eads, Tennessee

    The Safe-Dry® method is a unique carpet cleaning process, providing a long-lasting clean for your carpets without the use of excessive amounts of moisture. This naturally-based formula is soap- and detergent-free, specifically designed to create a welcoming and fresh environment your entire family can enjoy an hour after servicing.

    Going above and beyond, our carpet cleaning technicians are quality-trained and certified to deliver a clean to your satisfaction – all within your requested time frame and needs. We’re also available to set up recurring carpet cleaning on your schedule so you never miss an appointment.

    More info about Safe-Dry®‘s all-natural carpet cleaning in Eads here.

    Professional Rug Cleaning in Eads

    Safe-Dry® is more than just a professional carpet cleaning company in Eads – we also have decades of experience when it comes to cleaning your oriental and area rugs.

    Our Safe-Dry® rug cleaning uses carbonated penetration to remove lingering odors, remove stains, and restore the look of each piece to its original beauty. And before we begin any delicate cleaning process, our technicians perform a spot-check before any cleaning to ensure that rugs retain their dyes and colorings.

    We’re experienced in servicing a wide variety of rugs, including modern microfiber area rugs, large Oriental rugs that are centuries-old, and everything in-between. Best of all, our process is eco-friendly and provides an immaculate clean that smells amazing every time!

    More info about Safe-Dry®’s professional oriental and area rug cleaning in Eads here.

    Professional Upholstery Cleaning

    Safe-Dry® offers decades of experience when it comes to professionally upholstery cleaning in Eads.

    Using a completely eco-friendly process, The Safe-Dry® upholstery cleaning method is designed to dig as deep as possible into the fibers of your furnishings where odors, stains, and dirt is hidden. Restore the original beauty of your home’s furnishing and create a more comfortable environment for all of your loved ones (pets, too!). And because our process is low-moisture, you’ll be able to relax on that loveseat or rest in your favorite chair within an hour of cleaning!

    More info about Safe-Dry®’s professional upholstery cleaning in Eads here.

    Allergies Treatment / Asthma Treatments

    Despite Tennessee’s endless natural beauty and landscapes, it’s one of the most notorious states for allergy sufferers – and Eads residents are no exception to the endless sniffles, plenty of sneezing, and uncomfortable red eyes.

    One of the signs that it’s time for a professional allergy treatments is when “seasonal” allergies start to stick around longer than the season – or are present year-round. If you and your loved ones have trouble with allergies, asthma, or other chronic symptoms, you should know that harmful allergens may be hiding in your home long after allergy season is over.

    Trapped allergens and microbes your carpets, rugs, and upholstery that continuously recirculate within the four walls of your home. This means that even if you attempt to clean your home, there’s still a good chance that allergies will return sooner than later.

    To get rid of these harmful allergens that lowers your family’s quality of life, choose Safe-Dry®’s indoor allergy treatment! Our service reduces the allergen levels radically and provides instant relief. And to further guarantee that your family breathes easier, our treatment technique is completely non-toxic, perfume & dye-free, and hypoallergenic.

    When people ask about the most effective allergy carpet treatment company in Eads, Safe-Dry® is always at your service.

    More info about Safe-Dry®’s allergy and asthma treatments in Eads here.

    Pet Urine Removal / Pet Odor Removal

    Eads is a pet-friendly city, so it’s no surprise that homeowners deal with some smelly and stained carpets from their furry friends.

    Thankfully, our Safe-Dry® pet treatment is uniquely-suited to not only eliminate pet odors and accidents from your home, but is also 100% safe for areas where your pets inhabits afterwards. Other odor removal companies use harmful chemical cleaners that often leave a harsh, caustic residue – potentially causing harm and discomfort to your pets.

    By contrast, Safe-Dry® pet treatment is specifically designed to be pet-friendly to keep your loved ones safe and happy without irritating their fur, mucus membranes, eyes, and other sensitive areas of their bodies.

    The Safe-Dry® pet odor removal process is simple but extremely effective:

    • We begin by pretreating the carpet with our pet urine eliminator to remove all traces of urine, fecal matter, pet dander, and other stains.
    • Next, our technicians sanitize the entire carpet to kill off all traces of bacteria, the most typical source of lingering pet odors.
    • Once sanitized, we encourage a brief drying period while the carpet fully dries and is restored to its original condition. (Note: Depending on the severity of the pet stains and odors, the complete dry time may be extended for one to two hours when we introduce our pet odor solutions into your home.)

    To show our customers the effectiveness of our pet odor removal process, we guarantee our work within 14 days of initial treatment. If the pet odors come back, so do we!

    More info about Safe-Dry®’s pet odor removal process in Eads here.

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