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  • What Is the Best Carpet Cleaning Method?

    July 18, 2020


    A gorgeous, pristine carpet in your home is possible if you invest in the best carpet cleaning methods. Besides holding onto dirt and grime, the typical home carpet may also contain bugs, pollen, dog or cat feces, skin flakes and bacteria. Regular carpet cleaning can help keep carpets fresh and free of these nasty surprises, improving the indoor air quality and cleanliness of a home. Here are some of the most common carpet cleaning methods reviewed. 


    One of the most popular deep cleaning methods for a carpet is shampooing. Some homeowners may buy their own home carpet shampoo appliance or a wet and dry vacuum to clean their rugs. It’s also possible to rent a carpet shampoo appliance from a hardware or grocery store for something more powerful. Shampooing your carpet periodically is a good way to remove tough stains and dirt that may be left behind from heavy traffic and use.

    It’s one of the best carpet cleaning methods for stains from spilled food or drinks. Carpet shampooing does have a learning curve, however. Homeowners attempting to clean their carpets with a deep cleaning machine may not be as effective at achieving a stain-free carpet. Additionally, some machines leave behind a noticeable, sticky detergent residue on the carpet, attracting even more stains and debris. 

    Steam Cleaning  

    Another one of the best carpet cleaning methods is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning is also known as the hot water extraction method. With this technique of carpet cleaning, a professional uses a device that sprays hot water and a cleaning solution over the carpet. After a few hours of soaking, the operator returns with an extraction device that sucks the hot water and grime back into its reservoir. The high temperature of the water helps pull up any stubborn stains and dirt.

    For an effective steam cleaning treatment, most homeowners opt for a professional company’s service, but it’s also possible to do your own version of steam cleaning with a home machine. While steam cleaning may be an effective solution for a clean carpet, it does have a few disadvantages. Steaming the carpet is a process that takes hours, effectively making the rooms being serviced off-limits. Additionally, steaming a carpet improperly could lead to carpet damage.

    Foam Cleaning

    Next, a carpet that has deep stains or an excessive amount of dirt may benefit from one of the best carpet cleaning methods for tough stains, foam cleaning. Foam cleaning, or the encapsulation method, is a special carpet shampooing system that combines a unique cleaning polymer and an agitation machine to get a stain-free carpet.

    With this method, the foam is applied over the carpet. The foam must soak in the carpet for a few hours to help lift deep-set stains and dirt out. Then, after time has passed, the cleaning professional uses an extraction machine to lift the foam residue and dirt off the carpet. This can be a great way to get a clean carpet, but it does require a time commitment of nearly a day where your room won’t be available for use. Foam cleaning is also better left to the professionals.

    Bonnet Cleaning 

    Homeowners and business owners also can choose bonnet cleaning. For periodic maintenance of a lush carpet, bonnet cleaning is one of the best carpet cleaning methods. If your carpet hasn’t been cleaned in a long time or if it’s especially dirty, bonnet cleaning may not work as well.

    Bonnet cleaning begins with a customized cleaning machine that has a soft pad at the front of it, or a bonnet. It works by rubbing the cleaning solution all over the top portion of your carpet. After letting the solution set for a bit, an extractor is then used to remove the detergent from the carpet. The machine’s pad isn’t able to get down into the deeper fibers of the carpet, so this is more suited to a light cleaning treatment in between deep cleaning services.

    Spot Cleaning

    Some people need a quick cleaning solution for their carpet when it suddenly gets stained with something like wine, blood, urine or worse. In these situations, there is no time to book a professional cleaner, so homeowners must act quickly with a spot treatment.

    After an accidental spill or another mishap, you must remove debris that could stain the carpet right away so it doesn’t seep down into the fibers. Blot the area with a wet paper towel for a time, and then use a carpet cleaning product to pre-treat the stain. It’s best to rinse the area with cool water and reapply if the stain is still there. 

    Dry Cleaning

    The best carpet cleaning methods for people with a busy lifestyle tend to be dry cleaning treatments. With dry cleaning treatments, the technician applies the powdered chemical solution and a tiny amount of water to the carpet with a machine. The brushes from the cleaning machine get deep into the fibers of the carpet, removing dirt. The technician then goes back over the carpet, extracting the cleaner, dirt and water.

    This cleaning method leaves the carpet fresh, clean and dry immediately after the service. For people who aren’t able to completely close off a room, waiting for a wet carpet to dry, this is the preferred method. Dry cleaning is a great option for businesses that need their locations up and running or for homeowners who are preparing for guests at an event.

    In Between Treatments

    Getting a beautiful carpet with these best carpet cleaning methods is more likely if you also do regular carpet maintenance in between treatments. Start with frequent vacuuming of the carpet to remove daily dust, pollen and other small pieces of debris. Know what materials your carpet is made of and then follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for carpet care. If you have dogs or cats, make sure you trim their nails so they don’t damage the small fibers of the carpet. Consider having guests remove their shoes before walking on the carpet so outdoor particles, dirt and other toxins aren’t left behind and impacting the quality of your carpet.

    Safe-Dry Cleaning offers a variety of deep cleaning services for your carpet. Learn more about what kind of service options are the best carpet cleaning methods for your home.

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