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  • Carpets, Rugs & Upholstery Cleaned to Your Satisfaction or it's FREE!

  • 5 Benefits of an Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning

    September 18, 2019



    From foot traffic to spills and other mishaps, your home’s carpeting takes its share of abuse. While you can spot-treat smaller stains yourself, there eventually comes a time when it’s necessary to get all of your carpets professionally cleaned. When you’re comparing services from various contractors, you might come across a business that bills itself as a green, or pet friendly carpet cleaner. Here are five reasons why you might want to consider this type of cleaning service in your home.


    1. Better for the Environment

    The planet’s ecosystem is a delicate balance of different natural processes, and it doesn’t take much to throw things out of sync. When you have a company use old-fashioned techniques to clean your carpets, it requires a large amount of water as well as harsh chemical detergents. Once the workers are done with your house, it all goes down the drain and eventually ends up in the environment. An eco friendly carpet cleaner only uses a small amount of water and biodegradable ingredients, which means the environmental impact is negligible.


    2. Safer for Pets and Children

    While you normally keep your feet on the carpet, young children and pets spend a lot of time down on the ground. With your loved ones getting up close and personal with your carpeting, do you want it to be full of chemical residue? Prolonged contact with chemicals used in cleaners could lead to a number of different health problems for your kids and animals. A pet friendly carpet cleaner relies on the power of carbon dioxide bubbles to lift dirt away from carpet fibers, which means there are fewer chemicals in the areas where your family lives and plays.

    3. Faster Drying

    If you’ve ever had your carpets shampooed, you know it can take more than a day before it’s dry enough to walk on. You don’t deserve a major disruption in your daily life because you chose to clean your carpeting. Since there’s less water involved with an eco friendly cleaning, it takes significantly less time for the moisture to evaporate. Instead of confining yourself to an untreated area of the home, you can get back to living normally with access to the entire building.


    4. Cleaner Feeling

    With carpet shampoo, the floor might look clean, but it rarely feels right when you walk on it in your bare feet. The sticky sensation you feel is the result of cleaning chemicals that didn’t completely wash away during the shampooing process. Not only does this create an unpleasant situation, but it can also cause dirt to adhere faster to your newly cleaned flooring. An old-fashioned shampooing will make your home look dirtier sooner, and you’ll need to arrange another treatment.

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    5. Decreased Allergens

    If you regularly sniff and sneeze inside your home, a pet friendly carpet cleaner can help you breathe easier. The carbonized bubbles used in this process provide a complete clean to each of your carpet’s fibers, which helps to lift away the allergens responsible for your respiratory discomfort. With traditional shampooing, the padding beneath your carpeting also gets saturated, which could provide the ideal breeding ground common irritants:


    • Mold
    • Mildew
    • Dust mites


    By going with an eco friendly cleaning company, you could cut down on some of the substances that trigger your allergies.


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    Now you know all of the benefits that come from hiring a pet friendly carpet cleaner, the only thing left to do is schedule service with the professionals. Safe-Dry Carpet Cleaning of Germantown is licensed and bonded, and they have the experience to make your home look and feel great. To set up an appointment, use this easy online scheduling form or call 901-530-8370 today.

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